Why Fly MAF?

With over eight thousand kilometers of rivers, one third of Bangladesh is covered in water. With a few airports and a limited road network, much of the country is very hard to access. Misson Aviation Fellowship utilizes as a tool an amphibian (water and land) aircraft to serve humanitarian, medical and NGO organizations, allowing them to reach and assist some of the most remote areas of the country. Normally, these areas are where the need is the greatest.

MAF accesses over 300 hard to reach water landing sites so that we can help your organization reach virtually any place in Bangladesh.

Did you know:

  • MAF Bangladesh is a not-for-profit organization, partially funded by DFID
  • Is greener than alternative land transport in terms of fuel used when travelling to remote areas*
  • MAF has provided dedicated flight service to the humanitarian and development comunity for over 20 years
  • Make economic sense to get to remote areas when taking into account valuable passenger time saved*
  • Is part of MAF world-wide which has the world’s largest fleet (140) of aircraft serving the humanitarian and development aid agencies
  • Is the safest option for travel, compared to dangers of land and water routes
  • Operates to the highest internationally recognized aviation standards (ICAO)
  • Can be chartered to meet specific needs and schedules- a common choice by many agencies
  • Is an authorised UN and EU carrier in Bangladesh
  • Has permissions to land in 300 locations in Bangladesh-accessing the remotest areas