About MAF Bangladesh

With over eight thousand kilometers of rivers, one third of Bangladesh is covered in water. A few airports and a limited road network, much of the country is very hard to access. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) utilizes it’s amphibious (water or land) aircraft to serve humanitarian, medical, and NGO organizations allowing them to reach and assist some of the most remote areas of the country. Normally, these areas are where the need is the greatest.

The high-wing, turbine-engined, aircraft is fitted with a pair of floats that allow it to take off and land on water or land. The extensive river network throughout the country now allows rather than impedes access for communities in need. If there is a river or a runway in the vicinity, MAF can go there!

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MAF accesses over 300 hard to reach water landing sites so that we can help your organization reach virtually any place in Bangladesh.

Our Services

General Charters

General Charters

MAF provides individualized tailored flight service for your organization. We can take your staff to rural development projects directly from Dhaka to any town or village. Being able to land on both rivers and runways, MAF provides you with a uniquely efficient transport option.

Southern Shuttle

Southern Shuttle

Weekly flights are operated on behalf of UKAID into the southern part of the country. These flights allow NGO organizations the opportunity to travel routinely back and forth between projects at an affordable price. Details here.

Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Service

We are able to evacuate critical patients from remote areas or cities and transport them to hospitals within Dhaka. MAF also provides a yearly Medevac Insurance Program to those organizations interested. Please contact our office for more information.

Disaster Relief Operations

Disaster Relief Operations

MAF stands committed to assist in disaster preparedness and emergency response flights, directly to the affected places. We can help your organization to assess natural disasters so that time-critical help can be coordinated more efficiently and effectively.

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Professional Pilot Development

  • Seminars & courses are taught that deal with advanced aviation topics
  • Flight Simulator training is available
  • Flight Crew training gives practical work experience to pilots


Reaching out to help

MAF stands ready and is committed to reaching out to people in need. Whether in Bangladesh or worldwide, MAF can mobilize to help in times of disaster.

Responding to Natural Disasters:

MAF has recently provided immediate flight support that has allowed aid and relief organizations to quickly respond in the following crises:

  • 2004 Tsunami
  • 2007 Bangladesh Flood
  • 2007 Cyclone Sidr
  • 2009 Cyclone Alia
  • 2010 Haiti earthquake

Hospital Assistance:

  • Assisting the Floating Hospitals of Bangladesh – MAF supports these hospitals by transporting specialists and emergency patients
  • Medical Care within Bangladesh
    – MAF has provided over 400 air ambulance/medevac flights
    – MAF has flown over 800 flights bringing doctors, nurses and health professionals directly into rural villages where people are in need of medical care.