Charter Flight Booking Procedures


Enquiries can be made with our office to check for availability of the aircraft for a particular date and time. A quotation will be given based on the data provided by the customer. Take note that the quotation is only accurate with all data provided (exact destination position, waiting time required etc).

For all fight enquiries MAF will provide a maximum payload figure for that flight. Payload is the number of kilo’s available to the customer, based on fuel required and landing limitations of the aircraft.

The customer is responsible to ensure that the combined weight of passengers, luggage or cargo does not exceed this number.

Regular customers are encouraged to appoint one contact person in their organization to coordinate all flight bookings with MAF, to make the process easier.


The customer can request a reservation for a specific date and time. A flight reservation only means that our office will mark this reservation on the planning board, even though the status of the booking is still unconfirmed. This means that MAF is free to make changes in the planning if necessary, but all changes should normally be coordinated with the customer.

Data Required

Before a flight can be confirmed a request letter from the customer is required, as it is a requirement of the government agencies that approve the flight. This letter can be faxed or emailed to our office, and if possible should bear the letter head of the organization request the flight.

This letter needs to include the following data:

  • Flight date and destination. (see “water landing sites”)
  • Purpose of the flight
  • Names of passengers, designation, nationality and passport numbers for foreigners. (Bangladeshi nationals only name, designation and nationality)
  • Body Weights of each passengers and/or cargo
  • Other details: waiting time required, night time, cargo etc.

Flight Confirmation

Once the request letter is received and a confirmation down payment of the full flight cost in advance is paid, the flight booking can be confirmed. Please take note that MAF may give certain conditions to the confirmation; i.e. different times or payload than requested in the letter.

If so required by the customer MAF can send a written confirmation.

It is possible to confirm the flight without all the required data specified above. In this case an initial request letter can be send that indicates all data available at that time. The remaining data can be sent later. Take note that we require all data latest three working days before the flight date in order to process the necessary flight clearances with government agencies. If all data is not provided three working days in advance, MAF may cancel the flight. After receiving your flight request letter, it is not possible to do any changes on your flight request.

Flight Cancellation

MAF can cancel or delay a confirmed flight due to unforeseen circumstances or bad weather conditions. This includes unforeseen, non scheduled maintenance or illness of the flight crew. The assessment of actual weather conditions is up to the pilot. In these cases MAF will try to reschedule the flight to a later date or time.

The customer can cancel the flight prior to 15 working days in advance. Customers canceling the flight after 15 days will be charged for the flight cost minus the fuel expense and waiting charge.

Changes to the Flight

MAF requires all data latest three working days in advance of the flight date. Some changes to the flight booking can be made after that with approval of our office. However, no extra foreign passengers can be added to the passenger list on the flight leaving Dhaka, once the data has been submitted by MAF. This is due to security requirements at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and other Government Offices.

Water Landing Sites

Since MAF operates an amphibian aircraft it can land on water landing sites as well as regular airports. For all water landing sites we require from the customer the following arrangements:

  • Ensure that the water landing site is min. 1200 meter long (straight line), about 100 meters wide, and at least 8 feet deep. No obstacles (power lines etc.) should be present.
  • Provide both a Longitude and Latitude GPS position (for example: North 23.48.00 / East 89.33.50) or enough details on name of River, name of the Thana, Zila or town for our office to be able to locate the destination with certainty or a location map.
  • Ensure that a high pole with a red flag is positioned to mark the landing site, in such a way that it is visible from the air.
  • In case a boat is required for the transfer of passengers to shore this should be a low and small boat (like a speedboat) with no high antenna’s or cabin that can interfere with the wing of the aircraft.
  • If the aircraft is required to wait for the passengers it is recommended to arrange for some security to help with the necessary crowd control.

Regular Airports – Military Airports

Several civilian airports are available in Bangladesh. These airports all have different operating hours. Arrangements can be made to change or extend the operating hours of the airport if required for a flight, but this will be charged by Civil Aviation normally at Taka 3,450 per hour, which will be charged to the customer.

For flights to military airports (Bogra and Shamshernagar) it is required to submit the full flight request data not later than seven working days before the flight date in order to arrange the necessary permissions.

Night Flying

MAF can operate also at night but only to lighted airports (Sylhet, Chittagong and Dhaka). It is possible to request for a night flight (from lighted airport to lighted airport) or night return (from any other place to a lighted airport/ Dhaka). However a night return is only possible if the take off from the water landing site or unlighted airport can be made not later than 30 minutes before actual sunset.

Cargo – Dangerous Goods

MAF does not carry any dangerous goods.

Ticket Information – Liability

On the back side of the ticket the customer can find the information regarding liability in case of incidents or accidents. This is in accordance with standard ICAO regulations


MAF holds the right to change the applicable Taka rate per hour due to changes of fuel price, insurance or any other unforeseen increase in operating cost of the aircraft.